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“We are passionates! We love our bikes and we love Southern Europe for its great roads, fantastic weather, amazing landscapes and easy-going lifestyle. That’s what we want to share with you during our exclusive tours.

With Vintage Motorcycle Tours, everything is included, from the first to the last day: motorcycles, accommodation, fuel, food, drinks, luggages transfer, spare bike, tour guide, visits…

If you want, you can be accompagnied by a guide as well as an assistance which follows with luggages and a spare motorcycle. And guess what? You can even switch bikes whenever you want! What’s better than riding a Honda 1000 CBX 6 cylinders and then a Kawasaki 750 H2 3 cylinders 2 strokes!!! Or Yamaha 350 RDLC, 500 XT or Triumph Bonneville, all on the same tour! Let’s create memories for a lifetime!

Chris – VMT concept creator



Classic rides motorbike

We have also organised tours in Tibet, Thailand, Namibia, Australia, USA, Iran, U.A.E, Turkey, Oman and other places. We are experienced in what we do.

As our good friend Vince once said: “The destination is just an excuse for the ride!”

Yamaha motorbikes tour

The overall spirit of these bikes and how they feel when you’re riding them is indescribable, not to mention their appearance and impeccable craftsmanship. There’s nothing better than riding in style.

High Mountains Hills


All our tours are designed to take you to hidden places, with amazing roads and landscapes.

Should you wish to arrange a specific tour, just let us know. We can custom-make itineraries to suit your requirements, organise specific events for celebrating your mate’s birthday and much more. Just ask us.

Beautiful Sunset Spot

The roads and landscapes are amazing. Food and accommodation are second to none, we only stay at the best hotels and castles around. What an experience!

It’s an epicurean ride!!!

South of France, Italy and Corsica are part of our classic rides

Our Tours

South of France / Italy / Corsica / Spain / Portugal / Provence / Alps / Croatia / Switzerland / Austria … and ask us for other destinations !

South of France, Provence and Alps


South of France is one of the most visited places in France with its exceptional scenery, laid back lifestyle, fine wine and cuisine. The landscape is very diverse and it’s one that has inspired centuries of artists, writers and poets. During your tour you will ride past huge mountain ranges, acres of lush green countryside and long stretches of sparkling Mediterranean coastline. Côte d’Azur is a glamorous region that has transfixed many famous visitors over the decades including royalties, writers and artists such as Pablo Picasso.

sunset fabulous landscape road hills nature

North Italy, Lakes and Alps


During your ride along the scenic roads of Italy you will have the honour of experiencing the country in the best possible way through the heart of Italy from Rome to the rolling hills of Tuscany — situated between Florence and Siena — and then up and down the rocky mountains of Umbro-Abruzzese Pennines. The Italian Lakes region is another favourite tour, providing riders with stunning and unobstructed views of the Italian Lakes — from Lake Garda to Lake Como — the area is the perfect backdrop for your ride. Along the way you will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in fine Italian cuisine and wine, which is easily as famous as the country’s artistic and historical assets. Fettucine Alfredo, Pasta e Fagioli, Polenta and Saltimbocca alla Romana are just a few of Italy’s staple dishes.

High Mountains Hills

Around Corsica


From the clear blue ocean waters and palm tree-lined beaches, to the mountains of the interior and hill villages of the east, Corsica is another tour that will leave you breathless. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime ride, experiencing the dramatic views of the Mediterranean from a variety of villages including Castagniccia, Cap Corse on the northern peninsula, Gorges de Spelunca, Corsica National Park along the Central Island as well as Calanches de Piana. Following the route of the Col de Bavella between Sartene and across Corsica, we will also pass through the Alta Rocca Mountains, providing you with a dramatic landscape of rocky needles and cliffs that follow the unforgettable horizon.

Ride the Myths !

The Motorcycles


(Click on the pictures to know more)

And coming soon:
KAWASAKI Z1300/6, Z1000R, GPZ 750 Turbo, BMW K75, HONDA, 1000 Goldwing, 900 bol d’Or, YAMAHA 500 RDLC, 600 SRX, 500 SR, 600 XT, MOTO GUZZI 850 Le Mans

While every motorcycles enthusiast has their own preference, our team is fond of classic and mythic motorcycles. There’s nothing better than riding in style and feeling the spirit of these good old fashioned mechanics, yet superb, desirable icons.

Our tours combine vintage bike rides with exclusive high-end accommodations, culinary experiences, memorable events, cultural highlights, logistics and impeccable organisation.


The best Hotels, Chalets and Bed and Breakfast!


Beautiful drying room in cosrsica

Riding in Comfort:

With Vintage Motorcycle Tours you won’t be camping in the mountains. We did that as young lads years ago, so now it’s time for quality and comfortable tours. We will be staying at distinctive and exclusive accommodations that come fully-equipped with modern amenities and facilities, such as swimming pools, saunas, hot springs, WIFI, and more. These are hidden gems, where owners have put a lot of effort into designing unconventional settings, with great attention to details and amazing taste for decoration.

When we say comfort, we mean it! We have prepared 3 levels of tours, each of them being more exclusive:

  • 3* Tour: Great accommodation, typically 3 to 4 star hotels or very nice, local Beds & Breakfast, gastronomic restaurantss
  • 4* Tour: Luxury accommodation, hotels or high-end Bed & Breakfast, refined local food and wines
  • 5* Tour: Exclusive and unique, palaces, ‘Relais et Chateaux’, nested in private and hidden areas, includes Michelin star restaurants, renowned Chefs

Do you want to take your friend or partner with us?
They have the choice to ride on the back of your bike, or follow the group with one of our vintage cars. Thus they won’t miss anything of the adventure, you can share these moments of true wellness together and create memories for a lifetime! See page ‘Not Riding‘ for more details.

Guided option: There will be a guide on your tour riding with you to make sure that the ride goes well and is safe. But don’t let that stop you from riding in front of the group or with your buddy — we will meet at designated points along the way.

Free option: There is no guide and no assistance car. It includes the road book, reservations, the program, visits and all other information needed for the good proceedings of your tour. This option allows you more independence and corresponds to accustomed riders.

The backup vehicle will transport your luggages
from one place to the other, so that you can ride light and comfortable, and your bag will be waiting for you when you arrive at the hotel each evening.

All of our motorcycles are in perfect condition. They are maintained by our team with great care and passion. We ensure all preventative maintenance for trouble-free rides. Because mechanical problem can always arise with these vintage beauties, we also carry a spare bike with us.

Lounge outdoor


With each tour, we ride approximately 200 to 300 kilometres per day or 5 to 7 hours each day. The distance and time will depend on the type of roads, country and weather conditions. It will also depend on what YOU want to do: more breaks, more visits, slower pace… We will make sure that our tour suits your requirements perfectly, and not the other way around!

Because riding a motorcycle is essentially all about sharing a passion and moments with friends, we decided to make it easy for riders like you to enjoy their passion for Vintage Motorcycles. This is a reason why all our tours are all-inclusive, including motorcycles rentals, fuel, toll, airport pickup, local transfer, as well as overnight accommodations, drinks and food. Only alcoholic drinks are not included, because it is too difficult to predict!

With our all-inclusive status, riders can enjoy their tour on iconic bikes in extraordinary territories, through beautiful scenic routes without having to worry about anything other than the thrill of the ride.

Insurance, Driving License:

Our company is insured in the case of an unfortunate or unexpected situation where our responsibility, as an organiser, would be engaged. We also carry comprehensive insurance for the bikes.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you are covered by your own insurance for medical, repatriation and third party liability. If you don’t have an insurance yet, you can contact one of the companies below.

http://www.europ-assistance.com    or    http://www.mondial-assistance.com

Drivers shall be at least 23 years old, with more than 5 years of riding experience. Copy of the license will be requested at the time of your registration.

Our General Terms and Conditions are available on request and will be sent to you during the booking process.

An Exclusive Riding Experience !

The Vintage Spirit!

An Exclusive Riding Experience!

               YOU are on top of our Golden Triangle!


The spirit of riding beautiful classic bikes will rejuvenate your being and allow you to enjoy the freedom of the road while you share good time with friends, eat great food and laugh over fine French wine — or your favourite brew.

Switch bikes throughout your trip:

Enjoy the spirit of these bikes:




We are easy-going and want everyone to experience the bikes they like, which means that you can switch bikes with your buddies whenever you want — each day, at each stop, whenever you want!




We don’t impose rules for riding together as a group during your tour. You are free to ride as you want, you can follow our lead and relax, lead the pack yourself, ride alone or in small groups, and feel free to stop for pictures anytime. This is your adventure!

The only rule is: HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE RIDE!

While there are no rigid rules to abide by, it’s also very important that safety always comes first. Every morning we will provide you with the itinerary details of the day, completed with lunch stops, specific waypoints highlighted, including the hotel where you will stay the next night.


Not Riding?

What about your partner, kids and other non-rider friends? Are you going to let them miss this once-in-a-lifetime trip?

Follow the Riders!


Join the tour in a different style that’s still vintage. Experience all the epicurean delights of the tour and follow the biker’s group while enjoying an old-fashion car, other icons of the roads!



Booking & Prices

South of France / Italy / Corsica / Spain / Portugal / Pyrenees / Alps / Croatia / Switzerland / Austria …

just ask us for other destinations !


Free tours from 250€: motorcycle, road book, gps. Additional options: guide, hotels, restaurants, visits.

Guided tours from 2400€ (all inclusive): motorcycle, guide, accommodation, food, drinks, fuel, visits, luggage transfer and spare bike.

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