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North Italy, Lakes and Alps

Beauties of Italy


During your ride along the scenic roads of Italy you will have the honour of experiencing the country in the best possible way through the heart of Italy from Rome to the rolling hills of Tuscany—situated between Florence and Siena— and then up and down the rocky mountains of Umbro-Abruzzese Pennines. The Italian Lakes region is another tour favourite, providing riders with stunning and unobstructed views of the Italian Lakes—from Lake Garda to Lake Como, the area is the perfect backdrop for your ride. Along the way you will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in fine Italian cuisine and wine, which is easily as famous as the country’s artistic and historical assets. Fettucine Alfredo, Pasta e Fagioli, Polenta and Saltimbocca alla Romana are just a few of Italy’s staple dishes.

Download our flyer here! (for 2 or 3 days tour; other dates and longer stays on request)

Some of the places we will ride include:

  • Bellagio and lake Como
  • Ticino and Lugano
  • Lake Maggiore and Verbania
  • Monza and Bergamo, etc…

North Italy, Lakes and the Alps

We will stay at the most exclusive and typical accommodations on our way. Remote, yet stylish places, great atmosphere and landscapes, with amazing food. We will experience the kindness of local people, outside the touristic places and let you discover hidden gems of this part of Italy. Coming out of the bike’s saddle at the end of the afternoon, and this is the beginning of a new discovery of tastes and pleasures of all your senses.

Prices start at 2,400 Euro for a 4 day/3 night tour.
The price can vary depending on number of riders, the season (high or low touristic season) and your specific requirements.

We welcome your input in order to tailor-make the ride to suit your most exclusive wishes.
Let us know your preferences and do not forget that you live only once! So treat yourself well and enjoy life!

Please contact us for more details. Contact Us.

Tour Highlights

  • Mountain
  • Sun
  • Culture
  • Nature

This tour is for ...

Dolce Vita lovers ! 100%
Amazing sceneries ! 90%
Lakes and mountains ! 80%
Cuisine lovers ! 70%

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