Ride the Myths!

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Honda 1000 CBX – 1980

Making its debut as a 1979 model, the Honda CBX 1000 showed the world again what Honda was capable of. It had only been a decade since Honda set the CB750 loose, and the CBX seemed a fitting follow-up.

On the road, the CBX’s handling belied its girth and dimensions. ‘The CBX is a mountain road flyer beyond anyone’s wildest dreams’, quipped an editor in the February 1978 issue of Cycle magazine. Period reviews lambasted the ‘throw away’ shocks on the CBX, but even then the bike rode well at any speed. Top speed was calculated to be 136 mph and was among the best of the day. With a full tank the Honda CBX 1000 weighed in at 600 pounds, making it some 50 pounds heavier than the equally loaded Sei. The CBX also packed an extra 28 ponies, so the weight difference was mostly cancelled out.

Technically capable as it was, the Honda CBX 1000 was not a sales success. ‘They intimidated the hell out of some people’, says Dave Ditner, tech editor for the CBX press. 1982 was the CBX’s last year. But we have one for you!!! Riding such a myth cannot be missed!

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