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Yamaha 500 XT

Yamaha 500 XT – 1980

This is Yamaha’s first 4-stroke enduro, the bike that started the heritage for the next generations of enduros. A nice, solid bike, with a good power to weight ratio.

Born in 1976, the XT500 was the first ‘big thumper’ made in Japan, it was a daring bet for Yamaha, but the XT500 with its high torque engine, began quickly to be a world seller. Nearly 30 years later, the XT500 hasn’t lost its sex appeal and is still one of the best singles in the history of motorcycles.

This model was developed as a desert race enduro machine. Released as a street legal version of the TT500 enduro machine launched the year before, this model became the pioneer of the big single off-road bikes like the Paris-Dakar. It was the focus of attention also for the bold adoption for the first time ever of a forward inclining upside-down rear suspension on a trail model.

The biggest mono-cylinder of its time had a huge compression and it could only be started with a kick!!! You are welcome to try!

Yamaha Bike XT 500